• StartWell Studios at 230 Niagara Street in Toronto - Film/Photo Production Space

230 Niagara Street

A detached turn-key venue for offsite meetings and corporate events.


Ground Floor

3,400sf. Single Floor Detached Building

Two large open spaces for round table conferences, workshops and more.

Espresso Bar/ Open Kitchen with lounge

2 Washrooms

3 Parking Spots on Front Pad


Free standing sound system

360 Degree microphone for clear recording and conferencing

2x 55″ LED screens on wheels with Apple TV and HDMI connections

Optional multi-cam (Blackmagic Pocket 6K w/ATEM Mini Extreme Pro ISO switcher) video capture and streaming (managed.)

Enterprise grade WiFi with ethernet connectivity (~250Mbps+)

Ping Pong Table Provided

Coffee & Tea Provided



(min 3hrs)






(7 days)

Entrance & Open Kitchen/Lounge

This dedicated building offers 3 parking spots on the lot right in front of the venue. With a digital entrance you can swipe in with an app 24/7 and our main entrance leads into an open kitchen area with lounge seating- perfect for meal breaks or small breakout conversations.

Meeting Space

Behind the open kitchen is a meeting space for 20+ people to be seated facing each other. Configuring for ‘U’ or ‘O’ conference setups or long working session rows is easy – our tables are foldable with black fabric covers and 25 stackable chairs are provided (extra tables and chairs are available upon request.)

Two LED screens on wheels plus two 4×6′ white boards are provided (with erasers and markers) along with video conferencing tools (a 360 degree microphone, 180 degree conference camera and sound system for in-room audio output.)

Film/Photo Studio Space

Next to the main conference area is a studio space that is perfect for recording film or photos. Our team can produce headshots for you or setup a ping pong table for recreation. Additionally this space may be used for additional breakout or conference setups (with wall projection) upon request.

Headshots (Additional Service)

What better chance to capture moments on camera or film than when you are bringing your team together for an offsite meeting at StartWell Studios? Our staff production team can produce editorial or professional headshots at reasonable rates in the studio space.

Here are example shots we took recently with Voiceflow, a Toronto based startup who recently wanted new photos for announcing their $20M Series A financing raise.